The Malayalee Association of Victoria (MAV) was formed 37 years ago in 1976 by a few families that got together and laid the foundation for today's MAV, which has nearly 500 family members. This makes the MAV one of the oldest Indian regional Associations in Victoria.

The primary aim of the association is to give support to the newly arrived migrants through our volunteer team, help the people who are in health or financial need, provide training for students and sports / arts activities. MAV bring the Malayalee community of Victoria together and to keep the younger generation in touch with their culture and traditions. We also provide youth with an opportunity to display their talents and skills through the different programs we conduct through out the year.

Settle in Victoria

Are you new in Victoria? Do you need support to settle? Please feel free to contact MAV. Our dedicated volunteers will support you".

MAV Onam 2014

Malayalee Association of Victoria (MAV) - Onam 2014. 6th September 2014 @ Noble Park Secondary College. For tickets call 0435 901 661 or email

Recent News

MAV Malayalam Class - Every Saturday 10.15 AM to 11.30 AM at St Gerads School Hall, Dandenong. New bactch starts July 20th Saturday

Kerala Premier League MAV initiated to form Kerala Premier League (KPL) with 14 Malayalee Cricket / Soccer teams in Melbourne. KPL is planning for League matches from November 2014 to February 2015 with 14 teams.